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@Crosshair-- Im not trying to say it happens all the time because most of the time a hit to the heart is going to be VERY bad. I dont mean that it happens very often or that many people survive it, just saying they can. Getting hit with a pellet gun still is defintley getting shot. I took one in my leg when I was younger and it burrowed in about 2 inches. A cop was at the hospital and asking how the GSW happened. I told him I was shot by an idiot and it was negligent, which it was. Its a wicked small caliber but it any projectile entering your body is technically getting shot.

@secret agent man-- Yea the second one will defintley do you in if the first didnt. A direct hit to the heart is not going to be good and most likely fatal. I was more talking about nips to the heart.

Just to make it clear I am by no means saying many people survive heart shots .

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