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We won't tell Hulley about casting his own boolits for a little while. He's having so much fun doubt he'd listen anyway. TXGunNut.

Its funny you mention that, I work at a dealership and I can take home all the old wheel weights that I want! -Hulley

I work at a dealership too, but somebody beats me to them. Bring them home if you have a place to store them. You'll thank me later. My .45 loves Berrys' HBRN bullets but I prefer my repurposed wheelweights.
And engineermike? I was replying to Miata Mike but I guess us "Mikes" all seem to have longer-chambered 9mm's.

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Smokeless powder is a passing fad! -Steve Garbe
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My favorite recipes start out with a handful of used wheelweights.
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