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Dear DNS, read the reports. The bear followed initially after the other two bears but then turned back to the house after the owners dog started barking at it. That is when the second shot occurred against a charging grizzly.
I have read a couple dozen news accounts and Hill's descriptions and I have yet to see a single account of the grizzly charging anyone.

Turning toward the house is not the same thing as a charge. Maybe you have seen a report by Hill that I haven't seen and if so please post it, but otherwise, you seem to be sensationalizing what was reported.

The game wardens themselves would have dispatched the wounded bear as they always do in this type of situation. Why then is illegal to do so once you have initiated this course of action. To let the critter wander off and die a slow and agonizing death is cruel.
Where in the new law does this process get made legal. I have not seen you post this yet.

Why don't some of you folks come up here and live where we do and see what kind of attitude you have for the new regulations. I suspect you won't be a Monday morning quarterback second guessing everything that this man did right or wrong in an instant of sheer terror.
It is not Monday morning quarterbacking. If Hill was in such terror as you describe, then why was he so darned concerned about the bear's suffering. It isn't an issue of attitude, but the law and Hill admitted to killing the bear under circumstances where it was not legal.

So, all of you naysayers, come on up and spend some time out here in grizzly country and see what kind of attitude you go home with.
Since you know the law so well, how about showing me where in the new law that it is legal to "morally and ethicaly" put down a wounded grizzly. That isn't self defense and it isn't something done by somebody in terror. And hey, you don't even have to come down to Texas.
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