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Last week I took my latest toy to the range-a Remington 700 PSS .300 WinMag with Badger Ordnance .mounts and a Nightforce NXS 5.5X22 scope. The berm is at 150 yds so I set up my targets at 100yds. I was using Black Hills 190 grain molycoated ammo. After firing a few rounds and fiddling with fine tuning the scope, I fired a ten round string. Six grouped at the top of the one inch orange bullseye in a .6 inch group. The other four? That's what was humbling They were four to five inches from the bullseye in all directions. This rifle has a lot to teach me about breath control and trigger control. About the only fudge factor I can claim is the factory "lawyer" trigger setting which is fairly hefty. However, I will want to shoot the rifle some more before I address that issue as changing the trigger pull poundage voids the warranty.
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