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On the subject of No5's, here's a No5 I picked up last winter from a late seventies gentleman that had bought it in the early 60's. He told me how he paid $20 for the rifle, in unissued condition. He proceeded to cut the end of the flash hider off and installed a Redfield rear sight. This had been his deer rifle his entire life, taken deer and elk with it. I spent several hours talking with him and ended up buying this No5 for $125. I had a spare No5 backsight and found a flash hider at the next gun show. I put the Redfield sight on evil bay and got $100 for it. I still need to clean up the furniture but it well be a pretty nice rifle when finished. I'm seeing more and more of these old rifles come up for sale in estate sales and word of mouth. There are good deals out there if you look for them.

It even had one of the good Golden state five round mags in it.
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