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Yes they are HBRN. I need to check my book but I thought I was well within spec. I could have looked at the wrong bullet type. I'm gonna do more research before I load my next batch and check my book (Lee), powder website and Berry's site for load recomendations. To be honest the LCRN where REAL powerful and I almost didnt shoot them all but I didnt have that many and with the lightness of my CW9 I thought it was due to it. I shot the LCRN first and it wasnt until I shot Berry's that I realized that the LC were probably too hot. The gun "seems" fine, no noticable slop but I need to get my feelers out and check. I'll definitly load a much softer round for the LCRN.

Sorry, I dont know how to "qoute" properly on this site.

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