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recovered BT

I shot a very average 135 lb or so meat buck one year with a .270/130 Bal. Tip and was able to recover the bullet, or what was left of it. Buck was quartering away and dx was 175 yds. Bullet hit 2-3 inches ahead of the diaphram and ranged forward into chest and shoulders. About half way thru it came apart and the jacket separated from the core. I got two pieces, one of lead and the other of jacket, about nickel size and both resembled a wad of chewed gum. No exit.

Deer ran about 30 yds and went down. Wound was not that dramatic, basically typical for a "deer" caliber and a deer bullet. Others report terrible wounding with BT's but the half dozen I have shot w/ .270/130 have just been bullet holes in deer. The darn bullet shoots well out of my Wally World Rem 700 and that is why I use (or rather "used) it. All may shots w/ the .270 except one have been on ROW's where the ranges have been longer, and velocity was likely way down. But the one I shot up close, 20 yds, ran the farthest of all, over 100 yds w/ no heart, and again, only a typical bullet hole.

For me the BT greates asset is its an accurate bullet from my budget rifle.
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