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I'm Chris. I hail from Houston Texas and I am 23 years of age.
I like fast cars, gold, expensive clothes, mixed drinks, predatory animals, Harry Potter, video games, explosives, knives, kick boxing, Texas, the NRA and above all else, guns and shooting GUNS

I hate racists, I hate religious fanatics and agonizingly slow drivers. I dislike people who think they are better than you when they have little to show for. Also people who think age means wisdom. I hate thieves and crooks who steal and prey off honest people like parasites. I hate law enforcement officers who fail to obey the very laws they enforce. Judges that fail to judge but interpret the law the way they see fit. I hate cowardice, people who cannot "nut up or shut up" who bark but dont bite. (however there is a line between being cautious and cowardly.)

But above all else I hate the Brady Campaign, anti gun liberals and people who FEAR AND CONDEMN BEFORE UNDERSTANDING. People who blame instruments instead of the hand that wields them.

I am Chris Bobis, and I welcome all who commented before me to the forums.
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