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I dont think he's talking about direct hits to hearts. He's just citing an example that it does happen. People can take a hit to the heart and continue on.
@ bds32---Nice post and I agree with just about everything you said. I have read about the other shootings as well and agree they have important lessons like this one. However, I have not read about the others nearly as much as this shooting. The 1986 shooting is by far the one I know the most about. What you said about going on the offensive I think is very important. You have to have a mindset that you will survive and prevail. I agree if pinned down look for ways to flank. However, like you said you need to be well trained because when the real SHTF it has to be automatic. Trained and ingrained into your head. I also keep the midset now that if I am hit I do not need to go down even if it looks REALLY bad. Even if it is really bad I can still fight my way through it, at least get the sucker who got me . In all seriousness though, this shootout taught me to try and continue no matter what happens. I thought like that before but this really just reinforced it. Now I just hope I can keep that mindset.
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