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Jo6pak wrote:
Wow, I go on vacation for a few days and the whole design has changed
I like the direction this has gone. Seems we have deviated into 2 seperate designs, one for a pistol and another for a "machine gun".
Hi Jo. Welcome back.

Although we have discussed various rapid fire concepts, you are correct that we seem to be centered for the most part on two BASIC kind of concepts.

1. A muzzleloading revolver modified to semi-auto.

2. EITHER a muzzleloading semi-auto OR a full auto rifle....for the most part mounted on a tripod if we want a high ammunition capacity harmonica block (need a tripod to support the long harmonica block weight).
So although it's two basic design concepts, the tripod mounted one that could be a muzzleloading machine gun could also be a semi-auto too. Either way for that 2nd concept.

Jo6pak wrote:
For the pistol, I also don't think the arbor pin has the diameter to include a durable piston/spring arrangement as is. But there is nothing saying the design couldn't have a smaller caliber and larger arbor pin in roughly the same sized cylinder.
I agree about the small diameter of the arbor pin/piston being fragile as Akumabito first rendered it. But he has since increased its size in his latest rendering similar to what you suggested. The problem with that is, that it means the arbor pin hole in the frame, as well as the arbor pin hole in the cylinder, would have to be enlarged. More modification to the revolver which I was hoping to stay away from or at least keep to a minimum which is why I came up with the recoiling zig zag cylinder mod. Which would not require much modification to the revolver's barrel nor frame. Question is, on my zig zag cylinder concept, would the lead balls move forward when the cylinder recoiled and would the caps stay on the nipples when the cylinder went back forward following recoil? Since we don't know that, we are exploring all possible system concepts for modification of the muzzleloading revolver to semi-auto operation.

Jo6pak wrote:
As for delaying the action. I think that Stephanie's suggestion is the simplest way to go about a remedy.
Not sure which of Stephanie's suggestions you mean Jo. The over the barrel "AK" style gas cylinder of Akumabito's Stephanie thought would be a good basis to start? Or the observation she made about the arbor pin/piston having to ride along the curve of the hammer which in sliding like that, could act as a delaying action?

Jo6pak wrote:
Another solution, if the over-the-top "AK" system is used. couldn't you just add a locking link (ala, 1911) or camming lug (similar to HKs system) to delay the piston?
Not sure I understand what you mean Jo. Do you mean the "swinging link" of the 1911 instead of a "locking link"? If you do mean the "swinging" link, I'm not tracking on how that would help slow down the system. What would you attach the swinging link to? And wouldn't a swinging link cause an up or down movement on whatever it engages to just like it does the barrel of a 1911? Could you please elaborate a bit more on what you mean? I'm trying to visualize but having difficulty understanding that one. Thanks.

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