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327 loads with Unique

Last night went to the indoor range. I like Unique. Use it for 38 special and 357 and 44 special. So, since there doesn't seem to be any data for the 327 Fed Mag using Unique, I just jumped off the cliff and made up some stuff. the loads I settled on were as follows: WARNING! THESE LOADS ARE NOT SUPPORTED BY ANY MANUFACTURER AND MAY NOT BE SAFE IN YOUR GUN!!!
100 gr XTP
Rem 7 1/2
Fed Brass
Unique 6.0 gr.

Same deal except 6.4 gr. Unique

The firearm used is a Ruger SP101 with 3 inch barrel. The loads sounded hot and felt good. The load with 6.4 gr shot just under a 3 inch group at 7 yards off hand (which is good for me---made me smile). Primers looked fine and no cases sticking. Couldn't use the chrony inside. Someday I will get to the outdoor range and chrony these and post the results here.

The more experience I have with this caliber and revolver, the more I like it.
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