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Habaz72 you are right about the powder load range but Accurate is also loading this range using a C.O.L. of 1.050 and hulley is loading a little longer. He probably is loading a little hot but still within the load data.(Maybe) He just now found a something what would cycle through his gun and I guess he has found a new bullet, so now he can adjust his powder. But hulley, you may want to run a swab of cleaner through that barrel just in case. When you shoot Jay's bullets you will have to find something that will remove copper. I don't find copper in my guns very often and that was only in my 38 spl. But in fairness I also shoot a box of store bought ammo through that gun once and a while so the copper might not be Jay's.

Yes TX, I seem to remember reading somewhere where the CZ's and Walthers and something else were bored more for the 115 grain round nose (NATO) ammo. Other bullet shapes (Besides the Berry's 124g HP) load a little longer in my gun but this bullet probably would work better in a glock than mine. As Jay says it's a finicky bullet to load. This bullet is the one that taught me that C.O.L. is dictated more by bullet shape than bullet weight.

Good luck hulley...

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