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Thats Cliff. He simply knows how to shoot anything that goes bang. He's not flashy, although very close to flashy with a wheel gun, just a good all around shot. This match is his. After watching the inability of the others to effectively shoot a rifle, I am convinced that its already over.
That is my impression as well. The VLTOR TS3 carbine with fairly simple shots at 75 yds and 100 yds, WITH SPOTTER, was abysmal for all but Cliff and maybe one other. He nailed it. In every competition he is cool, relaxed, focused, and has a efficient plan that he works. Impressive.

I hope they have a DA revolver round coming up.

Dustin is the other surprised. I wonder what his background is besides Christian Campground Counselor. Do they have a combat range at camp or something?
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