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I don't reload 9mm only been focusing on .45acp but I do remember reading suggestions to reduce powder charges by 10% for lead bullets to keep from depositing lead in your barrel. I also checked the rainer website (the bullets I purchased because I didn't shop around) and it said for their plated bullets to use loading data for lead ammo because the copper was so thin.. So I went very low on my .45 ammo and have to see how that works out when I get to the range (hopefully on Saturday).

I just went to the accurate website to take a peek at their load data... for the no5 powder using a 9mm luger 124gr lead cast bullet it says to use 4.7gr of their no5 powder as a starting load and 5.4 as the max load. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something because I'm very new to this as well. But it seems to me like you made some very hot +p ammo out of the lead cast bullets. I'd check the barrels of your guns very carefully for leading.

edit to add: The berry's site suggests using FMJ load data but use the low to mid range data for their bullets.

Someone school me if I'm wrong please.
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