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Finally, something that works!

Hello guys, I just back from the range and it was a good day!
As you all will recall from my other thread, I was having difficulty with a particular bullet. I'm brand new at reloading so due to my inexperience I just couldnt find something that worked despite the great info and incouragement I received from you all. Its ok, I havent givin up on the round, I'm just gonna try again later.

Here is my first attempt.

Far left. Speer Gold Dot 124gr JHP +P
Middle. My first batch 1.095 OAL, terrible crimps, did not fit in case gauge or barrel.
Far right. My second batch 1.050 OAL, good crimps, fit easily into case gauge and barrel but every round got hung up on the feed ramp.

Here is 50rds on Berry's 124gr RN

1.125 OAL
5.3gr ACC #5
Shot like a DREAM! Every round was flawless, soft shooting and as accurate as I am.

Here is Berry's 124gr RN next to some 125gr Lead cast bullets.

These (LCRN) were loaded with 6.0gr of ACC #5 in the following lengths
1.140, 1.135, 1.130, 1.125 and 1.120.
To be honest, all lengths felt the same, however the LC rounds had alot more kick then the Berry's RN. The LCRN had 6.0gr where the Berry's RN (copper jacketed?) only had 5.3gr. The powder charge was pretty much in the middle for load specs.
I enjoyed shooting the Berry's much more so than the Lead. All rounds were fired from a Kahr CW9 with 3.6in barrel.

I want to say "Thanks" for all those that contributed to my thread and through PMs. I also want to give a big "Thanks" to Jay @ Berry's for hooking me up with 50rds of 124gr RN and another ammo box! Without all your help I would still be struggling I'm sure. Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

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