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This happened to me, so I know how she/ they felt. I was cutting grass one day s a couple of summers ago, I was 16 at the time I believe. I had just come back inside from cutting the grass, using the back door. I hopped in the shower, as I had plans later that night. Well, half way through my shower, my dog came upstairs and started scratching on the door. This IMMEDIATELY made me know for a fact something was wrong. As she literally NEVER came upstairs. So I hopped out of the shower quick, fast, and in a hurry, and looked down my stairs. And there was the BG, a black guy walking in front of the bottom of the stairs. So I grabbed my dads 12 G and called the police. Long story short, he left, they arrived, and of course, never found him or anything. You feel VERY vulnerable, and everyone who isn't a family member wants to kill you. Just a heads up, a dog will ALWAYS be in my house from now on. I also have an alarm system that beeps anytime anyone opens a door or window. And let's just say that if a BG gets in my house, then the pitbull is the least of his problems. The alarm system isn't as good as the dog. But hey, why not have both?
Our founding fathers started a revolution, for less bull -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- than this.

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