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Cliff is flying under the radar as "just a revolver guy." Last night he was the ONLY one who cleaned both explosive targets with one shot each in the rope course using the carbine. He obviously is pretty good with semi auto pistols and rifles, at least.
He ran an m14 open sights at a threegun match we shot years ago. He finished behind me on the round but only because the recoil of the 308 vs my 223. He was hitting plates at 200 yards open sights. Not very big plates either. No misses then either.
he is an animal! kinda nerdy looking, but he cleans up!
Very reserved but super competitive. Nerdy looking times two but a dead shot and ice water in his veins. We would be shooting side by side at Dade City Rod and Gun Club and he would lean over and say hey Chuck get yourself a revolver so you have a chance to beat me and then laugh. I would tell him to get rid of that old man gun and bring out a pistol. When he did I beat him. With a revolver not so much LOL.

One thing is for sure if Cliff can do it a bunch of us here on TFL can do it. Half the field in the matches I attended could do it.
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