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I don't know names but when a former Navy Seal cannot hit a target with a very similar platform to what they used in the Navy, then thats a problem. It took the guy something like ten shots to hit them.
Good luck to your buddy, sounds like if he knows a little about politics he should have a very good chance. I keep threatening to try out, but am too lazy to put together a tape
If I didn't have this stinking equilibrium problem I would have also. Mountains and equilibrium a bad mixture. You should try out though. If you apply the principles of marksmanship anyone can shoot good. Thats Cliff. He simply knows how to shoot anything that goes bang. He's not flashy, although very close to flashy with a wheel gun, just a good all around shot. This match is his. After watching the inability of the others to effectively shoot a rifle, I am convinced that its already over.
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