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Nnobby45, If you are awakened at 3 in the morning by the sound of your front door being kicked in and you have time to grab one weapon before the intruder, armedd with a .38, reaches your bedroom door, would you rather that weapon was a Taurus Judge loaded with .410 or a 12 gauge pump loaded with 00 buck?
That's a hypothetical.

What's actually handy (available now gun) is a pistol. Mine doesn't happen to be a Judge, it's the pistol I carried that day depending on what struck my fancy.

For some, that pistol would be The Judge loaded with buckshot.

Two steps away is an 870 w/LE 00 buck, and a P226 with 15 rds. in a holster afixed to the back of a dresser. I may not be able to get to those, or even get out of bed, and the gun at arms length will have to do

I don't like the Judge. I don't want to buy one. If I won one in a raffle, that and a few hundred dollars would get me another SIG. Or maybe I could trade it for a PX4 Storm---I'd trade it for something.

I do not think The Judge is anything close to the equlvilent of a buckshot loaded 12. Never claimed it was. Any multiple projectiles fired by me will be coming out of a 12 ga. and there will be 8 or 9 or 'em.

AND , some people have the dang things, and I would not underestimate the lethality of 3 to 5 000 buck at an advertised vel. of 1300 fps. ( less in the pistol, but still lethal). At very close range, effectivness may equal or surpass that of the .45 Colt---don't know. I'll bet the 3in.'s 5 pellets would.

I'm trying my best to abide by the board rules and not attack people or opinions.---so I won't. Never the less, it's difficult to refrain from attacking some opinions that barely reach the level of prepubescent immaturity by claiming that the .410 is completely worthless--so I won't do that either.

Hope that explains it.

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