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Oh good, more duplicate legislation. It is already legal to kill grizzlies in self defense and in defense of others. More laws won't make it any more legal.

This reminds me of anti-gun people wanting more laws to stop things like murder, that are already illegal.

It will be interesting to see if the new proposed legislation will allow for the killing of wounded grizzlies that pose no imminent threat such that Hill would still be inviolation of the law.
In dropping the criminal charge against Hill, the Idaho U.S. Attorney’s office noted that Hill promptly notified Idaho Fish and Game officials of the incident. It also noted that he fired three shots at the two-year-old grizzly, and by the time he fired the third, he knew his family was safe inside.
Given that the third shot was not actually in any form of self defense, I don't see how this new law would make things better for Hill.

Given most bills concerning animals and the legalities of shooting them, it is unlikely that the bill will include anything about shooting a wounded bear because it is the ethical thing to do.
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