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Just because a fellow chooses to hunt with strings and sticks (Bows and arrows) does not mean that they are the only ones getting close to deer. A couple of years back, I was hunting with my tailbone flat on the ground, hiding in some waist high grass, when a small buck came from behind me and sniffed my right ear. I had heard him coming, so I didn't jump (though I was tempted). The first time I hunted in that waxed canvas coat, I had a nice 8 point glide out of the woods about 5 to 7 feet to my right. He never knew I was there. The loudest sound in the woods right then was the drum beat sound of my heart. And it wasn't long ago that I had 3 does 10 feet in front of me (and downwind), while I tried unsuccessfully to turn to my right to shoot the monster buck that was eyeing the does with lust in his eyes. I'd have made that incredibly slow turn if my stool hadn't collapsed and I fell backwards in the leaves while deer went in all directions. So just because some of us only hunt with rifles doesn't mean that we can't get just as close or closer than you strings and sticks guys. That small buck that sniffed my ear also brushed against my right shoulder as he moved forward. Have you been that close to a deer, or are you 25 feet up in the air in a climbing stand?
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