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This topic comes up at least every 3 months. I own and shoot a 742 in 30/06. it is my ONLY deer rifle; I've had it for years and it shoots shamrock groups with my handloads. There are some caveats about owning one of the semiauto Remingtons-
Keep the chamber SPOTLESS!!!!!
If you handload, use MEDIUM burning rate powders regardless of bullet weight.
It was designed to shoot 1 to 4 shots from a cold barrel- IT IS NOT and I repeat NOT an AR platform rifle OR a Garand!!!
These rifles were NOT DESIGNED for sustained fire- if you want to blast away all day, choose a different rifle.
Remington has redesigned these rifles several times; every one has it's advantages over preceding models.
DON'T shoot it with lead bullets unless you have to; the gas port leads up and the rifle will cease to function properly.
Well cared for and carefully loaded, my rifle is capable of outshooting several different bolt rifles I've owned and shot.
Very little lube is required for maintenance, and I highly recommend Rem Oil- it is thinner than say Hoppe's or Outers oil. These thicker lubes will slow down the action in very cold weather.
All in all, you can get a worse rifle for more money. I trust mine implicitly, and the late Jack O'Connor's wife used one to down an elephant with one shot years ago. As always, YMMV. CB.
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