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I misunderstood. If you already have the LCT and can afford the XL650 - get it, get it now.

I have both an LCT and 550B (hand indexing and 4-holes, but otherwise similar to the 650). The Dillon is worlds ahead of the LCT in quality of manufacture, in ease and efficiency of loading, and of course as has been mentioned they have excellent customer support.

I got the Lee way after the Dillon b/c I wanted a completely different style of press.

I've been very happy with the Dillon powder measuring system. The only thing more precise is to spend $500 on a bench-rest quality measure or weigh each charge.

I decided not to get the Lee Auto-disk just because of the issues I heard discussed here. I weigh out each charge and drop it in through the funnel. The LCT isn't about speed for me, when I'm in "production mode" I use the Dillon.
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