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To clarify: The chamber I wouldn't call "sloppy" in the least - but the back-end of the chamber has more space to work with to allow easier feeding. My scout literally stacks them on each other with the integrated bipod, and cheapo Prvi at about 50-60 yards. The chamber is very well done where it counts, up front.
For those of us who roll our own, sloppy chambers wreck brass, and cause such wonderfull events as case head separation with cases loaded to full power one too many times ........

As for stacking "them on each other with the integrated bipod, and cheapo Prvi at about 50-60 yards" ....... 'tis damning with faint praise ..... off a solid rest, how does it do at 100 yards?

The Winchester or Marlin Lever Action Rifle....30-30 Caliber.

Best all around rifle and caliber.
Bzzzzt. Thin walled, fragile cases must be FL sized for leverguns .... a real PITA to handload ....... plus it has a pretty limited usable bullet selection, and even the new flexible tipped specialty hunting bullets have a pretty pedestrian BC ....... Not accurate enough to win any shooting matches with the factory sights, and a conventional scope jacks up it's handling, as does a military style shooting sling ...... "Best all around rifle and caliber" ? Maybe best all around the Maine woods ...... out in western Nebraska, a gun limited to 150-200 yards would be ...... let's just say "less than usefull" in about 1/3 of my deer hunting situations, and ....... well, it ain't a good varmint rifle, either.

I load for my daughter's Marlin ..... I know.
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