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that thing gets hot!!!!!!!

my buddy bought one, and we have taken it to the range a few times. the first time i was with him, we were shooting it at full auto with 556 rounds. the forward part of the stock where you would rest your front hand is very small. this makes it hard to hold onto while you shoot. in semi-auto, this isn't a problem, but try holding the barrel down while it wants to rise during full auto fire. you could try to wrap your hand around the barrel, but you would end up with some pretty serious burns. that thing gets hot! if you could somehow mount a foregrip on it, it would be much easier to handle.

the second two times we went, he had a 22 kit installed. that was fun! easy to control. very accurate. very reliable.

another fyi - the 3-round burst setting isn't very reliable. it likes to kick out 2 just as often than 3.
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