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Being fit is important. I am not as fit as I once was (due to injury) and am only in my late 20's. But I still can do hand to hand combate if the need araises long enough to get to my weapon. I have had to use H2H befor(while in Astan) and it was not fun at all. Being aware of what is around you and what is going on is key. If you only work the body and not the brain, then you will not be able to use the fit body that you have. I am now able to work out and run some but it has taken me 5 almost 6 years to get back to where I can. But just because some one is older or not in great shape dont mean that they are less likly to be able to defend them selves. I saw this first hand when I was in my teens twice.

A family friend who at the time was in his early 80's was sitting in the truck in his driveway reading a paper when a car load of thugs driving by started firing at the truck. He was able get out of the truck pull both of the revolers ( 2 awesome original Colt SA 45's with 7.5 inch barrels) out of his pants and placed 11 out of 12 shots into their car befor it was able to travel around 50ft which was his field of view. One of the perps. begged the cop to take him away befor the OLD man desided to start shooting again. The even better part was is the perps. are the ones that called the police. LOL. Willey, the old man, told one of the cops to let them SOB's know that if they ever wanted to try him again that next time he would be aiming at them and not car parts. Which I feel was true because him and I use to fire at quaters placed on a post 10 yards in front of us. He was dead befor I ever hollowed one out, but he could do it at least 4 out of 6 shots and all shots hit the quater just not dead center.

My grand Pap when in his mid 70's and battleing cancer was easly able to stop a home invasion by a younger person. He able to get out of bed, grab his weapon and met the SOB as if was making it through the front door. The attacker went for him but he was quick enough to move and fire, wounding the attacker. The would be attacker did end up being a whole lot faster though once 38 rounds started his direction. He managed to get away since it took the police some 30 minutes to respond.

Both of these men had never stoped working their minds and brains and that is to why they were sharp enough to make it through alive. They knew that they may have to defend them selves but also knew that it would very short and quick on H2H and that the desiding factor would be the weapons skill and useage. Being in shape would have been nice for either of them since it took both of them a couple of days to get over the effects of the rush of it all. But it taught me one thing which I have seen posted a couple of times already in this thread. DONT MESS WITH AN OLD GUY HE WILL SHOOT YOUR A**
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