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My question is do you shop around for the cheapest components (for plinking) or do you find someone who is slightly more expensive but always going to have the same stock in order to not have to work up new recipes due to changing components and the perpetual out of stock?
For pistol: I find the bullet(s) I prefer and use them for both range and comp.
I then find the "back-up" bullets that will work when the Zero isn't available.
#1 Zero bullets (OFTEN OOS), #2 Monatana Gold (always available and fast). #3 Berry's Plated (always available and fast.) I can switch to either bullet and barely change my loads for the same chrono, accuracy and recoil.

Powder is my problem: #1 Vit n320 in 4# jugs can't be found right now. #2 My back-up is Expensive n320 in 1# jugs. #3 changing powder/load

Primers: I try to stock up on my #1 fav FED, #2 Win, #3 maybe Magtech

Brass: Free. Range pick-ups. 1-2 yr reserve on hand & ready to load.

I watch for availability and sales for all my favs and back-up replacements.

Powder Valley, Grafs, Shooter's connection, Zero/Roze, MG, Berry's

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