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I recently sold my Lee Loadmaster AP press. I purchased a Dillon Square Deal B to replace it. I don't regret it one bit. A world of difference in quality of the press. The Lee was just so sloppy and a pain to set up or change to another caliber. The Dillon is slop free and smooth in operation. And the lifetime warranty on the Dillon is second to none.
I did have a problem with the Dillon primer feed system. Dillon spent the required time on the phone with me sitting in front of the press and ran through several trouble shooting steps, when none of those worked, they sent me a new primer feed system to replace the defective system.

I would not hesitate to buy the XL650. I much prefer the Dillon powder measure over the Lee Auto Disk Pro I have for my Lee Classic Turret.

The Dillon powder measure can be adjusted to the very powder charge you want instead of having to settle for the closest setting the Lee will allow you to get to.
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