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It Broke Again


Seriously, this time with only 5 rounds through it after I got it back from Sig. The hammer is at rest, the standard side thumb safety is frozen, the ambi side thumb safety just flails around. Can't rack the slide, have a live round in the chamber. Now I'm just frustrated as hell. I called a local custom shop that specializes in 1911's, I may have them look at it depending on what Sig has to say when I call them.

What really gets me is when I received the pistol back from Sig the letter inside wrote:

Gunsmisth Comments:
Inspected the pistol
Re-assembled the gun
Could not find any issues with the thumb safety, condition could not be duplicated.

Really, nothing wrong found, when I put it in the box to ship out the hammer was frozen in the half cocked position, slide locked forward and ambi safety just flipping up and down with no resistance.

Sorry for ranting but this is the most expensive handgun i've purchased and have had issues right out of the gate.
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