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Akumabito's idea for a gas piston might be easier, for then you're not messing around with the base pin, nor are you drilling out the cylinder and frame to accommodate a recoil spring. It looks a little funky with the gas cylinder on top, but there would be less need to modify the revolver to try it out.
I agree it might be easier to build it that way, but I just can't get behind making a Kalashnikov "AK" muzzleloading, semi-auto 1858 Remington. It just looks too modern of an adaptation and wrong looking to me. I want something that still preserves the Victorian "Steampunk" look of what might have been back then. Not something off an AK47 from today.
Understood, but as a "proof of concept" model, the top-mounted gas cylinder might be a good starting point. "Can you use a gas piston to push back the hammer and not end up slamming the crap out of the gun's internals", for instance. And you can tinker with fewer mods to the frame.

On the other side of the coin, the lever arm of the hammer is longer for a top-mounted gas cylinder. Just eyeballing from my Colt-clone SAA, a top-mounted gas piston would have a 2" lever on the hammer pivot pin, while a base pin gas piston would have a 1" lever to work on, so you'd be less likely to beat the crap out the mechanism.
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