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Have just started using this application and thank you so much for your effort. A few suggestions that would make it more useful for me:

Could we have an iPad version :-)

+After Make, Caliber, Type fields add a free form field for things like +P and also a field for the SKU/Manufacturer code. e.g. I want to be able to type: "Winchester" "Ranger" "124gr +P" "NATO" "RA9124N" as separate fields. I'm using the notes field in the interim but it is not so useful
+Include a "count" of the number of rounds e.g. bought, fired, remaining and have this connect in with the "Sessions" - that way I know what my inventory is (and at some point in time you could add a reminder to re-order when remaining < x)
+Vendor & Date bought fields - so I can add from which vendor I bought and when


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