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I have a few of both rifles. My mausers feel more ballanced and fit my shoulder better but the most accurate out of the group is my M44 which was counterbored. The 91/30's that I have seem to be more accurate than the mausers, even my M24/47 with a brand new barrel. I also like the 7.62 round better since it seems to be more accurate farther out. I like the fact that I can drop a round into the Mosin Nagant chamber and close the bolt, and I can cycle the Mosin bolt faster because it has such of a short handle on it. I'll have to go with the Mosin Nagant M44 since I just love the way it looks and shoots, it sounds awesome and throws out a huge fireball. It's a little front heavy with the permanently attached bayonet but it just looks great.
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