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I had one from Cabelas (I think they were made by Berry's Bullets) that I did not use for about five years. When I did start using it about the third batch it quit. I then bought a Lyman 1200 and have used it about a year. Like it OK.
After inspecting the Cabelas a while back I found it was only a loose wire. I crimped on a new connector and it works fine now.
My point is, that now, running them side by side, the Cabelas(Berrys?) is a larger capacity, runs quieter, does not move around, and has much more action to the brass and media. You can actually stand there and watch the contents come up the rounded sides, across the top, and back down the center of the bowl. -- this is a UTube of the Berry's in action.
I understand that the current Cabelas is not a Berry's. You can, however, get them directly from Berry's. (
At you can get 40# of 20/40 corn cob media for $26, delivered. It is dropshipped from Grainger. That is about 2 1/2 five gallon pails. Or about 1 1/2 lifetimes of case cleaning.
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