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Leupold Mark 4 HAMR cheaper alternative??

I currently have my SR-556 set up with an eotech 512 and of course the factory troy flip ups. I've been considering a magnifier with a pop up mount. But aside from being expensive, I don't like the added bulk and weight of the magnifer and mount. I recently came across the Leupold Mark 4 HAMR with the delta point, but as you know it costs nearly as much the rifle. I'm not opposed to spending some dough on a good optic, but $1,200+ is just out of my budget. I'd rather buy another rifle for that money. However, I love the idea of the 4x optic and the CMR2 reticle, plus the CQB versatility of the delta point. I feel like I'm missing long range capability with the just the eotech, and for reasons above, I'm not excited about a magnifier. So, that's what makes the HAMR + Delta point so attractive I spent around $370 on the Eotech. If I could sell it used, and put another couple hundred with and buy something around $500-$600 give or take, with around 4X magnification and 1x CQB optic, I'd be pretty happy. And suggestions?
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