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Midway has a good product but prices have been creeping up. I believe Harbor freight has what may be an identical tumbler that's cheaper. They are all made in China right........... Anyways, go to the feed store and ask for a 50 pound sack of crushed walnut sold for bird litter. Order a big 32 oz bottle of commercial brass polish. Anything with ammoinia should be avoided. I believe it makes brass brittle. This includes brasso and windex. I have used other chemicals with varying degreese of success such as rubber maid foam but it doesn't work as good as commercial "polish" because the polish has suspended degreeser. Often times commercial polish has citric acid but I've never tried dissolving vitam C in water and adding it to my brass to make it shine Anyways, you will also need a good separator. One that spins is probably better. I've got the flat bottom type and you really have to work on getting the media out of rifle cases. Sometimes you have to take a second container and pour the brass back and fourth with a flat bottom type to get 99% of the media out and they still need a final inspection shake after that. You should be able to get set up for well under $150 to clean your brass. BTW crushed corn for bird litter is too big. It has to be milled smaller as it is for commercial brass polish to not plug up cases. The walnet tends to chean faster but leave a more dull finish to the brass, the corn takes longer and makes more of a factory shine for what it's worth. rc
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