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Since the law is contrary to your way of thinking, then what are you doing to change the law other than complaining here?
You'd be dismayed to find out how many people think that posting on an internet forum (or yelling at the TV) constitutes political involvement.

Glenn and I have disagreed on whether employers should be legally forbidden from banning carry. He's made some great points claiming that the right to self-defense is paramount, while I worry about further encroachments on the rights of the business owner to dictate what happens on private property.

I certainly can't claim ideological purity on the matter. I once had a job that sent me out on service calls to bad neighborhoods at all hours, and I carried on occasion, despite company policy dictating otherwise.

Now, I was fully prepared to be terminated if they found out and made an issue of it. Then again, I didn't have a wife and kids to support, and I could have easily found other work had that happened. A middle-aged pharmacist has much more to lose.

Still, while I'd like Walgreens and such to change their policy, I'd like to see the pressure come from the private sector, rather than government.
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
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