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I let the first post go. The second one bothers me. Gary lied to me on multiple occasions about my order being “ready” or “almost ready” he did not return my phone calls or emails for months. He specifically told me, that he would not charge my card until my order was ready to be shipped. He then called me and LIED about an order being ready that was canceled and billed me BUT DID NOT SHIP MY ORDER FOR OVER EIGHT MONTHS.

Do you understand what my post is about? This man lied to me multiple times; apparently it is a regular occurrence and has happened to a lot of people as documented.

I have no problem with paying for things up front. If a holster maker requires a deposit or full payment up front that is fine with me. I just want to know that I am paying up front, do not tell me I won’t be billed until my order is ready to be shipped, then bill me and not ship the order for almost a year.

This thread was not made for you to advertise in, it is about my experiences with Brommeland.
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