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Question on Lee vs. Dillon powder charge.

I have a Lee turret press. The Lee powder disk measure is less than impressive, dropping from one hole to another yielded me a .6 to .7 gr difference. Can the Dillon powder charge be dialed in to exactly the charge amount you desire? I'm sure many of you have read my other thread on 9mm problems but I bought the Lee to get my feet wet and really wanting a Dillon XL650. I'm much more impressed with the action on the Dillon as opposed to the Lee Turret. Two completely different presses I know and worlds apart from each other on cost but I plan on using the Lee for .44mag and some rifle rounds and the Dillon for 9mm and 45acp and maybe .223 in larger batches. I certainly realize that I need to figure some things out before buying the Dillon, like fully grasping the loading expierence!

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