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The cartridge if floundering because of MARKETING and pricing. The guns people want to see for this cartridge are things like a 5 or 6 inch double action trail gun with adjustable sights and a companion carbine with ammo going for $15/50. If you put it in tiny guns with ear busting noise and you jack the ammo up higher than 357 mag then people will just get the more common and potent round. If 327 ammo could be found at walmart at reasonable prices and there were more practical guns that would fully take advantage of the round, it might become more popular. It's a niche round at the moment. A small niche round because most people don't reload and ammo is not economical to enjoy shooting the guns. The best gun going for this round right now is the GP100 and ruger should have taken it out in 5 and 6 inch versions, not just the 4 inch which loses a lot of velocity to blast and flash.
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