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Glenn's quote:

My view is that civil rights (which should include self-protection) trump the former. It should be enacted into law.

they have the right to protect themselves and

my quote:

they need to make a law that supercedes company policy
as I already said! same thing happened when that offduty cop in chicago got killed which indirectly and/or directly led to the passing of LEOSA granting all LEOs - whether offduty or not - to CCW

Why? because the chicago cop should've had the right to protect himself, and the law needed to be changed.

I am not against corporations. I my opinion, things like corporations, the military, ad infinitum(spelling?) are in place and can do the average joe wonders IF he uses the benefits offered and/or makes whatever one of the above mentioned work for him/her.

Besides that something like this should and will be looked into eventually(in my opinion). the pharmacist isn't some slacker(pun intended) chuggin his coffee and weilding his big, bad briefcase(only kidding); these pharmacists are basically in the drug trade, war, and in more danger. Same goes for the singla mom or whoever workin a convenient store thats getting staked out every night or week whether something happens or not
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