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The thing of it is, a lot of people seem to feel that if they have a gun, they don't need hand-to-hand skills. And many of them feel it takes too long to learn how to fight effectively.

With regard to needing hand-to-hand skills, there are many more scenarios where putting hands on somebody might be both required and justified than there are where shooting somebody would be required and justified. If one only has a gun, and no other tools in the toolbox, how does one handle lower-level threats?

And, as noted in earlier posts, to use a gun, one has to be able to bring the gun to bear.

So, as far as learning how to fight effectively goes... it would take months, or even years, to make somebody into a good fighter. On the other hand, it would only take a few hours of training to greatly improve somebody's chances of being able to maneuver or break loose long enough to draw and use a weapon.

This is true for small people and old people of either sex.

While nothing is guaranteed, there are several basic movements that have high success rates at escaping grabs, that do not rely on strength or speed. Gravity, torque, and body unity can do wonders.
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