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Exactly, the situation was approached a bit too lax for the way they knew these guys could respond. In my opinion the 9mm's did a decent job even for the underpenetrating Silvertips they used. The 1st hit did sever the brachial artery pass through the right arm, enter btw 5 & 6th rib collape the lung and hit pulmonary arteries. It stopped an inch shy of his heart, yes. Everyone focuses on how it missed the heart by an inch. What if he didnt get hit by that round, the fight could have been a lot worse since Im guessing that round did slow him down a bit and messed up his ability to hold his rifle very well. An uninjured Platt escaping from the Car, or minorly injured, is a scary thought. More agents may have died. There should have been at least 1 .223 in each FBI car readily available. I dont like the stigma attached to the 9mm because of this though, it is a more than adequate round, imo.
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