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Physical Fitness is a MUST!

I was recently in a situation that made me question the methods of self defense of some of my family. I watched an older gentleman playing a game with his grandson. A quick little burst of energy landed him in the hospital with some pretty nasty injuries to his knee and hip(he tripped in a hole and fell basically is the short version).

I got to thinking about what might happen if someone like my grandfather or even my father (who is no spring chicken either) were to get involved in an altercation that require them to fight back. My father gets little excersise outside of hunting season(though he is not the staypuff marshmellow man...he isn't 20 either). My grandfather can hardly walk. I train in martial arts(brazillian jiu jitsu for flexibility, balance, strength, and weight loss and kali for self learning some standard dirty fighting tactics and DTs from friends that are prison guards) and I am am frequently doing some form of workout around that training.

How many of you take into account your AGE and ACTUAL ability in a situation where you might have to resort to pulling a firearm? Remember in answering this question that you must get enough space to pull your firearm. That entails being able to ward off an attack and have enough balance, energy, speed, and strength to handle the situation. If you want a reality check I suggest you watch videos from The Armed Citizen channel on youtube. Not my page, but an EXCELLENT source for videos of ACTUAL events.
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