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they need to make a law that supercedes company policy. If it takes making the corporation not responsible for the employee thru a waiver, then so-be-it. These guys work long hours dealing with the handling of numerous narcotics in abundance. THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT THEMSELVES!! Same goes for convient store workers as far as I am concerned
As brickeye pointed out quite correctly...
And the employer has the right to fire them.
The pharmacist knowing broke company rules before the shooting ever occurred. Employees need to realize that when they break the rules, that there are potential consequences for their actions that may include being fired and all the rammifications that may come from being fired.

The guy protected his life, but he lost his job. Sounds like he is a winner to me.

Nice to know that american (spelled with lowercase on purpose) companies value their money WWAAYYY more than they value your life. Sad but true.
It isn't just an issue with corporations, but many people in general. They value money and possessions and will get into lethal force encounters over trivial matters. To condemn corporations is to also condemn the value system of the people in the country where the corporations exist.

However, it isn't just corporations. Many many many private businesses, sole prorpietorships and partnerships have the same policies. They can afford lawsuits even less so than corporations like Walgreens. Think about it. As a business owner, how much risk are you willing to endure for your employees, knowing full well that their actions may result in a lawsuit that may ruin you financially? It is a very tough decision to deal with. You are potentially screwed with either decision.
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