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The above post is the worst one I have ever seen on this topic.

And most of the posts here aren't even answering his question. He is asking about best brand for ammo, not what gun he should buy.

As already said #4 and 00 are two different things, the 00 being much bigger projectiles, and less of them. Conversely the #4 is smaller projectiles, and more of them.

As was also already said buy Remington, Federal, Winchester, etc and shoot them all at a sheet of plywood and see how they "pattern" in your gun. Meaning see what the pattern on the paper produced by the projectiles is. There is no BEST brand per se. They are all so similar (in the same loads) it is just finding what shoots the best in your gun. I would shoot the different loads a few times at varying distances to see how the load acts as you shoot across your bedroom, down the hallway, etc. Figure out distances in your home you'd be likely to shoot and pattern your loads at those distances.
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