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To all - Have reload equip for 7-08, was original plan, as I liked the 7-08 for all the aforementioned versatility, it's compact, and low(er) recoiling.

However, the 7-08 in question is a Steyr Scout - my first factory-rack of brass out of it had bright rings already forming around the case-walls. I called SteyrArms, spoke to a gent there who actually reloads for Steyrs, Merkels, and the like, and he informed me that Scouts in particular are NOT condusive to reloading, they will stretch brass faster than a well-fitted chamber since they are made to eat most forms of ammo smoothly. I've cleaned up brass from my M96 and a few others from my friend's M98k and they don't have nearly as bright of marks as the scout does.
Also, 7mm-08 recoil is snappier than 6.5, especially in the straight-line style Scout stock. I do enjoy the "shove" of the 6.5, rather than the "smack" of the be honest, in the Scout, until addition of recoil pad, was on par with my friend's Mosin-nagant.
If I were to go into a .284-category, I'd still go 7x57. Short-action cases I am still not seeing the perks of, as they are MAYBE a half an inch shorter than medium size (7x57, 6.5x55), and rack at approx the same speed. OAL of the rifle is still about the same too, at least with the rifles I'd be into.
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