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I have not studied this shooting, I do remember it when it happend but I was in Germany at the time.
Here I read this Thread and think of what has been said about going out to an informal shooting range, and that is exactly what I do most of the time by my self out in the desert, and I live not to far from Ciudad Juarez Mexico, maybe a mile or two if that, but as most of you have said S.A. situational awarness. Most of my friend are leos, They tell me some of the stuff that they come aross,some bad stuff that the cartel do. sorry, rambling. We work odd hours so its hard to get together and shoot, I am not a leo.
I can relate to a lot of posts in where as you see cars / people off in the distance that do not make contact with you and be very observent where they are. I do have another gun that I CC when I go out to shoot. and park my car to the back of me when I go out shooting.
I see tactical training videos where the shooter takes a few shots and looks from side to side.
That action just comes automatic with me just because I am out in the desert by my self but I do a 360 just to feel some what secure, I have a bad habit of always looking around and not focusing on the subject that is talking to me but I do hear what is being said my wife gets pist all the time, sorry I went off on a tangent, enough. just wanted to talk.

I liked post 37
I mean, if I'm going to be getting on my motorcycle on a regular basis and not being bothered by the fact that doing so is undeniably the most dangerous thing I'll do on any given day, what sort of justification would I have for worrying about something that has been documented to have happened once, maybe twice, EVER? On the flip side, if I'm going to be worried enough about dying in an event that is so astronomically unlikely that I would not go shooting in a remote place without bringing back-up, how would I justify the WILLFUL exposure to such a high-risk activity as riding a motorcycle or, frankly, driving a car for that matter.

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