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CB's for My Guide Gun

Couldn't find a CB load my Guide Gun liked last year, tried more than a few and wound up going hunting with a RP Corelokt 405 SP. Great bullet, nice hog, just not what I wanted.
Took three try loads to the range today. First was a boolit from my new Lyman 330 HP Gould mould (457122) over a starting load of RL#7, another using the same boolit over a starting load if IMR4198. Third load, on a whim, was a 405 FP Lyman (457193) over a starting load of IMR4198. First load was bouncing the scope eyepiece off my eyeglasses and stringing vertically just a tad, other than that a nice group! Second group was unremarkable but the third group was almost impressive, other than a bit of vertical stringing. Concluded that the new boolit likes my old powder (RL#7) and the old boolit likes the new powder (IMR4198) that I tried under every other boolit last year. Both boolits cast from WW's with just a touch of tin, sized .459 and lubed w/ SPG lube.
Think I'll drop the powder charges on first & third loads .5gr and see what tomorrow brings!
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