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Having corporations, policies, and laws are one thing, but society still needs a place for basic common sense in my opinion!
And like your child labor of the industrial revolution example, the only way this guy is going to win is if the policy of Walgreens is found to be wrongful at some level, but thusfar, winning of such suits have been exceptionally rare.

So, lets say you the employee pull a gun and shoot a Goblin. Right or wrong there is the potential for a lawsuit. You are an agent for the Corporation and now the Corporation is liable. Lawsuits cost money, and since all Goblins have grieving relatives, any settlement will be big. Payouts decrease profits.
I think the only way corporations are going to be willing to commonly allow people to have firearms is when the law changes such that the corporation is no longer responsible for the employees' actions while they are on the clock.

A Corporation exists solely to maximize profit. Profit now, not profit later.
Corporations are profit oriented, no doubt, but they are not all "profit now" companies. First of all, you have not-for-profit corporations. You have startup and developmental corportations that don't expect to see profits for months or years, if ever (many pharmaceutical companies fall under this umbrella, such as Reatta that hasn't turned a profit since startup in 2002, and you have companies that are always working on long term or distant future developments, things costing them quite heavily now that don't make profits now that do so in hopes of having profits in the future.

Generally speaking, companies that live for profit now usually fail to have a sufficient business plan to allow for profit later and often die.
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