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We use the 150 grn Ballistic Tips in our 3006 for deer, it really whacks em! I use the B-Tip in my .270 win also, and in my daughters .243, with great results. As far as the Partition bullet goes I have only shot at one deer with one, .270 win 130 grn, at 100 yds or so, standing quartering to me, the bullet struck her behind the left front leg and came out in front of her right hip,,, and it wasn't the prettiest when I gutted the deer, But she was dead and she never knew what hit her so I will always hunt with both types of bullets from Nosler...I did take a few of those 150 grners, out of the offhand hide after it penetrated both shoulders of a couple of bigger deer 175lb to 200 lb range,,, they worked perfectly!! DRT.
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